Engineered & Solid Timber Flooring Differences

Engineered Timber products look identical to solid Timber products; once it is laid on the floor. However, it is still confusing for clients what the difference is r solid wood flooring. However, under this top layer is the core which can be made from plywood or a softer wood. However, Solid timber floor boards are cut from single piebetween them while seich means engineered timbers are tougher but solid timber floors can last longer.


Timber Flooring


Engineered timbers are made of several layers of wood pressed together. The top layer is always a veneer of solid wood just like regulaces of timber. This makes them the simplecting the right flooring for their space. Engineered and solid Timber floorings look the same but they can perform differently; whlest of all availble flooring in terms of construction.


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Moisture and Damages

All the layers of engineered flooring ruan easily install engineered flooring in rooms where solid timber can be damaged; such as basements and roomsve and below its surface. A hot room could make them dry out and shrink; whereas a cold room couldn in diff with underfloor heating. 

Solid timber floors can easily be damaged by moisture from aboerent directions and that makes engineered timber quite stable with a high resistance to changes in moisture level. This means you c cause them to absorb moisture and expand. This means solid wood floors can’t be installed in basements, bathrooms and rooms with underfloor heating system.


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Repair and Polish Timber Flooring

If Engiot usually be done as many times as with Engneered floors end up wicratches over the years, they can be sanded and polished. However, sand and polish process cannineered floorings. But with solid timber floors, they can be sanded down and refith too many dents or snished or stainedifetime warible over the years and this is exactly why they come with a generous lranty.