Grey Flooring Shades and Design Ideas

Are you thinking shades of grey for your flooring? Do you already have a room with grey shaded flooring? Are you finding the redecorating of the space overwhelming? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at MrFloor, we can help you style your room in the best way possible.

Grey tones are generally considered as cold colour base; they have the minimal theme which help your space have a more modern atmosphere. Now, the best approach to redesigning such a space is a balancing approach. We recommend you introduce elements with natural tones to balance the atmosphere with subtle warmth.


When it comes to texture and fabrication, leather and suede are most recommended selections that goes well with grey tones of your space. Elements such as wood and iron can also harmonise with minimalistic theme but help transfuse the outlook.


In addition to the textures above, elements with brushed silver or aluminium can enhance minimalism your aspect of the interior. It will be rich in texture yet minimal in proportion.


With grey shades of flooring, natural walnut wood in your interior such as furniture, cabinetry or even home appliances can add an element of warmth, to the modern cold base flooring. Moreover, other colours such as burgundy, khaki and silver blend well with the floorings’ grey tone.

Below, we have made an idea board as an example. The flooring is our grey tone of vinyl flooring which features a minimal and modern high-quality finish. It is vital to consider that the selection all elements in the room will contribute to how the space is defined. For instance, the George Jensen table lamp and Alessi espresso maker, amplify the modern theme. The Natuzzi leather sofa with its burgundy colour balances the minimal feel of the room.


Grey Flooring

Sofa & Wall Clock – Natuzzi, Side Table – Max Sparrow, Espresso – Alessi, Table Lamp – Georg Jensen