Melbourne Narrow vs Wide Timber Floor Boards

Affordable and Top-Notch Quality Floor Boards in Melbourne

Buying the highest quality floor boards Melbourne is only a step away from you. Here at MRFLOOR you can come across many types of floor boards that come in different widths and shapes. Our store is a great destination because we specialise in Australian timber species and European Engineered oak, Timber Flooring, Bamboo, Laminate, Hybrid and Vinyl plank at very affordable prices. Whether your flooring is displaying severe signs of wear and tear, or you just want to update them so they can look more modern, you can be sure MRFLOOR has an amazing range of excellent flooring types.

Space Size and Layout

When it comes to space size and layout, you can either go for narrow plank or wide plank, depending on your preference and overall demands. Based on your space interior, you can choose the needed planks and buy them at affordable rates.

Wide planks bring a unique beauty to a home. If you go for other planks, you will not be able to recreate the same beauty. In fact, wide planks are the hallmark of any classic and weathered interior. Thanks to their abnormal breadth, wide planks can also reduce the number of gaps in a floor. If your space is smaller, then opt for wide planks as it they fit perfectly.

Narrow planks are for those who prefer a sleek and sophisticated interior. Ranging from 5 to 10 wide, this style has become quite popular. Narrow planks create an elongated, elegant look in rooms of all sizes.

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Mix & Match Cuts

You can also mix narrow and wide planks by mixing them in your room. You will have a more unique floor than you could ever imagine. This is also a more affordable way of transforming your space. A mix of different plank widths looks more appealing and inviting. So choose this option to make your space look amazing as well as keep your wallet happy.

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Simply determine where your budget, needs and demands lie, and be sure to pick floor boards Melbourne that suits not only your taste but also financial goals. Trust our flooring experts and they will deliver custom solutions for you. Remember that good-looking floors increase the value or a home or business. Our expert team aims to make your rooms beautiful and ensure you a stunning finished product, with no part going unnoticed.

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