Natural Flooring Designs

Are you thinking of natural flooring? Do you intend to give your space that natural feel? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at MrFloor, we can realise the floorings with the right natural character and neutral shade.

When it comes to flooring selections, natural boards are the most popular. Nonetheless, despite the simplicity and neutrality of their shades, matching the interior and furniture can become overwhelming. Here, we are going to look at some of the common design trends which will help you with styling the newly floored rooms.


If you have decided to floor your room with natural boards, then we strongly recommend that you choose similar in nature, when it comes to the fabrics too. You could consider textures that also have a natural feel and neutral tone to them. If for example you select timber, you can match the character with linen.

Now, when we speak of texture, this is not limited to furniture or curtains. Other decorating items such as poetry, metal and glass items, can also contribute to how you want to define your space.

Harmonising with the Finish

In rooms with natural floorings, either or both silver and gold details in furniture can complement the look. You may even consider furnishing and decorating with silver and gold finishes. These elements harmonise nicely with shinier finishes; and add character to the matt finishes of natural floorboards.

Colour Selection

Fortunately, when it comes to natural flooring and their neutral tones, selecting colours is not going to be an issue. In a space with natural flooring, you can trial with any colour tone when furnishing.

Below, we have made an idea board as an example. For most of the linen, we consider shades of blue, green and cream. The natural timber is so versatile that we could easily introduce silver and gold elements, as well as all types of material such as wood, glass and pottery. And the fact is none of these elements contradict with the nature of the room.

Natural Flooring

Sofa & Side Table – Max Sparrow, Flower Vase – Provincial Home Living, Mirror & Plate – Coco Republic, Table Lamp – Bloomingdales, Dora Maar Vase – Jonathan Adler