Australian Species Flooring Melbourne

Australian Species Flooring are environmentally friendly and ideal flooring for use in all rooms of the house or office. To preview our Engineered range our Mobile Showroom can come to you…!

Our Australian Species Flooring Products in Melbourne

What can be more enjoyable than having refreshed floors?

If you have decided to make your home look stunning, just visit MRFLOOR and you will certainly find amazing flooring types. This is a leading company dedicated to providing a special approach to each client. The experts do everything to ensure you are satisfied upon completion. Updating your old floors with Australian Species is a great investment for any building.

  • It changes the atmosphere of your house or business.

  • New floors add much value to your property.

  • You feel more comfortable and enjoy the beauty of your space.

It doesn’t matter you want to update the flooring in your residential or commercial area, these reliable installers will take care of the whole project. New flooring is the best way to create a wonderful atmosphere and harmony. Thus, choose MRFLOOR as it offers a wide range of flooring options that will suit your taste and budget:

  • Laminate
  • Engineered
  • Vinyl
  • Hybrid
  • Bamboo
  • Carpet

Never live with outdated flooring as new floors can dramatically change the whole space and make you feel inspired. MRFLOOR can help you live in style and comfort. If durability and ease of cleaning are top priorities for you, then Australian Species is all you need. Just decide which option suits you and enjoy superior durability. Resisting most dents, dings and scratches, these flooring options are not slippery as well and they come with a textured surface.

Advantages of Australian Species

  • The range and warmth of colours is just wonderful

  • Their look is unmatched

  • These species are tougher and more durable than many other products

  • Strong fire rating capacity

  • Quite easy to clean

  • Complies to Australian manufacturing standards

  • It’s an investment that adds value to your home


There is no need to live with your outdated flooring when there is a great chance to change them. In fact, new flooring will transform your space and you will feel inspired. Just change your old floors and you will live in comfort and style. If durability and ease of cleaning are top priorities for you, just ask the experts at MRFLOOR and they will offer most suitable Australian flooring types.

Mobile Showroom Service

MRFLOOR also offers you a mobile showroom service.  This is a unique offer not all flooring companies offer their clients. The experts will present the newest and freshest products available in the flooring market. This will help customers make a better decision and select the most suitable flooring for home or office flooring. Clients can simply book their mobile showroom appointments online through their website.


Quality is the main aim of MRFLOOR in product and service delivery. All the installations provided by this team come with 2 years warranty in addition to manufacturer warranty on products.

Special Customer Service

You can always expect optimum customer experience. Whenever you deal with these specialists you will admire their professionalism and quality installation services. Contact MRFLOOR and you will end up creating balance and harmony in your area. Just decide which type of flooring meets your personal demands and let these contractors handle the whole project. Pick the perfect floor with MRFLOOR and you won’t regret.