Touch and Feel a Range of Laminate Flooring at Your Home or Office

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Touch and Feel a Range of Laminate Flooring at Your Home or Office

Designed to Last for Years — Made to Look Gorgeous Every Day.

If you are planning to change your home’s flooring in Melbourne to give it a fresh look and new vibe and simultaneously want to invest in durable and affordable flooring, consider laminate flooring. High visual appeal, durability, health, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and value are all advantages that laminates can add to your space.

At Mr Floor, we specialise in laminate flooring in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, technical and engineering prowess, rich experience and profound knowledge. When combined with a solid understanding of our client’s needs, all this enables us to deliver superior flooring —just the way you want.

We can bring our fast mobile showroom to your place to select the right flooring colour, style and material as you need. Schedule an appointment with our expert today! We strive to expedite the process with comfort, convenience, end-to-end quality services and a stress-free experience.

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Laminate Flooring Melbourne—What is It?

Laminate flooring features multi-layers of synthetic and watertight high-density fibreboard (HDF) material for superior design, performance and functionality. At Mr Floor, all laminates consist of four layers with a distinct purpose and are ingeniously fused together using intense pressure and high heat.

1. Top Layer—Wear Resistant and Transparent

Made using aluminium oxide, the top layer is a clear and transparent layer protecting your flooring against wear and tear. It is resistant to stains, scratches, burns, impact, and household chemicals. This layer features multiple melamine layers pressed together on the HDF core board while the surface is finished with a title texture or wood structure to give it a high-end visual appearance.

2. Design Layer—For the Perfect Design

This layer gives the laminate flooring its authentic feel and look. It is a high-resolution photo of natural wood reproduced with advanced and sophisticated printing techniques and melamine resin finish. The design layer makes the tile and wood imitation look natural and genuine.

3. Core Layer—Protects from Moisture and Indentation

The layer is constructed with refined wood fibres and melamine resin. It is a re-composed wood-fibre board that uses all parts of the tree. The composition is homogenous, and the board is deployed with several technical specs. The core layer’s function is to protect the laminate flooring from moisture and indentations.

4. Back Layer —For Balance and Performance

Also known as the balancing layer, it guarantees a well-balanced board, all much needed to ensure that it will not bow or cup after installation. Plus, it also protects the plan against moisture.

Endless Options to Choose From


At Mr Floor, we give you the widest variety to choose from.  Pick your favourite style, colour and finish, and we’ll deliver. Advances in high-resolution printing allow the laminate to imitate any style, from intricate wood floor designs to hardwood flooring that matches nearly any hardwood species.


You can get laminate flooring in any colour you want with us. The sky is the limit. We are confident that we have something to suit every client’s taste and budget.


We offer both matt and gloss. Matt is more scratch-resistant, making it perfect for high traffic areas like hallways, offices and kitchen, while gloss finish is best for those clients who want to add more finesse and class to their interior design.

Other features:

  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Skirting boards can be removed and reinstalled for a neater and cleaner look


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Laminate Flooring Melbourne is easy to install and maintain. They are also cost effective and more convenient to install than alternative flooring materials.To preview our Laminate range our Mobile Showroom can come to you…!

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