Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles are considered as commercial flooring alternative. They also can be laid in any rooms in your home or office. but they are mostly popular for being installed in basements, bedrooms in order keeping the space warm in colder seasons. To preview our Carpet Tile range our Mobile Showroom can come to you…!


It’s like little magic carpets that will make your floors look like new again…

If you’re looking for something in particular, just contact our friendly staff and they will tell you where and how much it costs. frindly

Carpet are a great way to make your floors look like they have a continuous, natural covering of carpeting. They are available in an endless variety of colors, sizes and patterns.

Carpet are a low-cost solution to give your floors a deep, rich look that will hide dirt and stains for a long time.

Carpet offer an easy way to give your floor a dramatic, new appearance at a low cost.

Are you looking for a new floor covering?

Do you like the look of carpet tiles? If so, call us now. We’ve got 100% real carpet in various colors and sizes that can be used as is, or installed over existing floors to give them a whole new look. All you have to do is unroll a few of the tiles, stick them down on the floor, and then glue the rest of the tiles to the back of the ones that are already on the floor. Easy-peasy!

Want to make your house more beautiful and increase its value at the same time? Consider using carpet tiles instead of plain old carpet.

You can use carpet for their intended purpose or you can install them over existing floors as an inexpensive way to get a totally new look.