Vinyl Plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring are top choice for wet rooms such as bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas due to water resistance. They guarantee a long term durability in every way and equipped with a protective top layer that ensures your floor will keep its good looks for years to come. To preview our Vinyl range our Mobile Showroom can come to you…!

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Changing the flooring of the home is one of the most important investments you should never hesitate to make. Remember that you only have one chance to make a great impression, so you should never let old floors create a wrong one. The comfort and beauty brought by new floors are just incredible. So you should never think twice and get in touch with the professional flooring contractors at MRFLOOR.

Why Choose vinyl plank flooring Mrfloor 

MRFLOOR offers reliable installation and repair services to keep your home or business looking great and being so comfortable. The team at MRFLOOR is always ready to work closely with you in order to create the best look for your property. The experts specialize in flooring like:

  • bamboo

  • timber

  • engineered timber

Serving in Melbourne, the specialists are always at your disposal to discuss all your needs. Before starting your budget, they will provide a realistic budget and timeline. You can rest assured that they will finish your project on time. There will be no surprises and whatever questions you have, you can ask the contractors.

If you’re in the market for a new floor, don’t feel overwhelmed. Choose MRFLOOR and buy the flooring option that’s right for your lifestyle. In fact, Vinyl plank flooring is quickly becoming a favorite option among homeowners for many reasons, like these:

  • Vinyl plank flooring is waterproof

Waterproof vinyl planks can be used anywhere you want. Vinyl flooring are wonderful for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Invest in vinyl plank options and they will keep your flooring protected from moisture.

  • Vinyl plank flooring is easy to Clean and Maintain

Vinyl plank requires the occasional cleaning. This is especially true if it’s used in a high traffic area. All you need to use a broom, vacuum or microfiber sweeper and you can clean up your space easily.

  • Vinyl plank flooring is extremely durable

Choose Vinyl plank flooring because it is made to be lived on. It doesn’t scratch, indent or stain easily, which makes it kid and pet-friendly. Vinyl planks stand out due to durable qualities which allows you to install it virtually anywhere in your home.

  • Vinyl plank flooring has realistic look

Patterns, colours, and textures used to create vinyl planks are amazing, giving your floors the look of the real thing.

  • Vinyl plank flooring has scratch resistant

When you’re choosing flooring for entryways and other high-traffic areas in your home or office, durability and scratch resistance is the most important thing. Compared to other hardwood floors and many other types of flooring, vinyl planks are much better at resisting damage from scratches and scuffs.

The contractors from MRFLOOR take into account each client’s demands and aim to deliver fast and effective services. There is no need to live with your outdated flooring when there is a great chance to change them. In fact, new flooring will transform your space and you will feel inspired. Just change your old floors and you will live in comfort and style. If durability and ease of cleaning are top priorities for you, then count on MRFLOOR. This company delivers some of the best flooring types that resist most dents, dings and scratches.

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