Parquetry Flooring, Touch And Feel Your Selections At Your Doorstep

Compare different samples under your natural home lighting and select the flooring that feels perfect

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Made from sustainably sourced Australian timber, engineered timber flooring is a low maintenance option for interior floors. It comes in an extensive range of styles, profiles and colours to suit any home.

Select your flooring product with confidence

  • Flooring shops use artificial lighting. Products you see in the shop should be tested inside your home. Because you want to see them under your natural home lighting.
  • The catchiness of the final look of your home rests on the colour combination of flooring and furniture. You should not feel any doubt when you catch the right match.
  • Small flooring samples help narrow down your choices. But large flooring boards decide the final selection and they are a bit heavy to carry.

Test the samples in your home or office

  • Find the products close to the colour range you are looking for.
  • Add them to your sample list. Save the list using your name and email.
  • You will get the list of selected samples in your email.
  • You will also get a link to a video showcasing the boards you selected.
  • Video chat with our shop to see samples from all angles or ask any questions you might have. No signup or app download is necessary.
  • Watch the guide below to see how it works:

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Engineered Timber

Engineered floorings are environmentally friendly and ideal flooring for use in all rooms of the house or office. To preview our Engineered range our Mobile Showroom can come to you…!

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Our mobile showroom can come to you.

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