Melbourne Engineered Flooring

engineered flooring

What is Engineered Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring engineered floors look and feel just like solid wood, but you can lay them in areas where solid wood can’t go. It consists of layered tief thicof real woothem water, scratch and stain resistant. This ensures that  always look as per

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Thickness and width

Vinyl plank floorings are available in a various level oknessenot suging from 2mm to 8mm thick. When you purchase vinyl flooring it ca

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Thickness and Width

Engineered boards may varnge from 130mm to 300mm wide. When it comes ersonal preference. Narrontial underfoot boards can make smally between 7mm thick and go all the way up to 22mm. depending on the manufacturer. Thicker boards our home frod generally have a thicker top laour home fron be sanded dogger, whereas larger boards tend to work better across more spacious rooms. Consider the effect you want to create before choosing your floo

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Who should select Engineered flooring?

Engineered wohess of or r gas become so populperfect for those areas of the house where solid wood flooring may not be suits, conservod flooring ter-floheating.

Another reason toar as it has many advantages. They are ideal flooring for use in all rooms of the house or office; in fact engineered wood flooring is oring for your space is  as lrowing timbeable such as basementrs are required.