Melbourne Engineered Flooring Suitability-perfect timber floors

perfect timber floors


installation with glue-down technique, walking on the new floor while installation is happening or during drying-period should be mini

Under-floor heating

One of the main reasons to install engineered flooring is due to its ability copping well with under-floor heating. The multi-layer design feature stops t


Suitable glue is needed to be used for installation with clear instructions regarding drying time, consumption and application provided bright with the tongue side facing the

he timber swelling or shrinking as the temperature changes. 



Engineered Flooring is also a great choice to be laid in basements.

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Floorboards are usually installed parallel to the long walls of the room, in most common direction of all types of wood flooring from the left to the



Engineered floors are stable and grippy enough to avoid any potential accidents so perfect for stairs.


oor of the property and migrating into the flooring; the underlay may also have acoustic quieting and noise control properties.                                                                                                         


Thickness and Quality

Underlays for Engineered timber flooring are typically 3mm closed cell plastic foam. For commercial projects and body corporate related spaces such as investment properties, 5 star rubber