Light vs Dark Mr Timber Floors


When deciding between dark or light tone of timber flooring Melbourne, make sure you consider below criteria:

Mr Timber Floors

  • Interior Design of the room, how the colour tone ighter or darker colours camight affect thoverall space
  • Size of the room affic spaces such as nd how ln affect the depth of the space
  • Traffic of the space, which indicates if they are in a higher trahallways darker floorings should be considered
  • Aftercare Maintenance of your flooring mie style of your g on the colour tone of your flooring


The decision of selecting between light and dark timber flooring products depends on personal preferences. However, there or might have long term interior impact on overall presentation of your home.

Make sure to consider the most related colour tone depende are consequences with either dark or light colouring tones after you decide; and that might affect the final value of your property for resalr factors that we will discuss bellow.


In regards to the you consider few objections such as;


Room Size – Timber Flooring Melbourne

Lighter Timber Flooring Melbourne is consider as enlarging the space and affecting the interior sense of the room buy adding bigger space colour range of your flooring make suretance and in some spaces clashing.

Therefore; consider lighter floori follow some tricks such as;

  • Installing the floorboardthis is for the time if you are planning to lay timber floors in a small room.
  • Keep the interior minimal and lighter shs along the length of the room rather than the width of the space will create a trick to the eye and represent the room larger;
  • ces in your house by selecting same or lighter shade for other areas of the house such as the room next door or the hallways

Maintenance – Timber Flooring Melbourne

When it comes to the subject of flooring cleaning andng for smaller rooms and darker floorboards for larger spaces specially with lots of day lights. To upgrade your decision you canards. Very light flooring shows signs of dust and stain as much as very dark boards.

Depending on the foot traffic in the space, the darker or lighter shade might affect the visibility of stain or dirt left behind by your traffic and will result infe choice and will keep the interior in balance and also shows less of occasional scratches, dirt and stai

to more care and maintenance for your floorboards.

Medium tone flooring colours are sar it as often as lighter or darker flooring shades.

Timber Flooring Melbourne


Foot Traffic – Timber Flooring Melbourne

More importantly if your traffic includes children and pets; you should consider medium tone floorboards as your final and only ole on dark flooring shades rather than lighter ones; this is an important factor to strongly consider if you own pet and would like to have dark flooring as well.

to assist you further with this matter; if you haion is to consider installing lighter or medium shade floorboards which will not show up hair, marks and stain as darker as a darker Timber Flooring Melbourne.

Investment Properties – Timber Flooring Melbourne

If you are a property owner and your pve kids or pets or even you are planning to start your own family or have a pet, the smarter solutade of flooring you are planning to have foede flooring can help you rent out the pr your investment property.

When you choose light and medium colour range it hnant moved out and looking forward to have a new occupant; having medium shad look after the place easier and also if you have one tlace quicker as they minimise any signs of dust or scratches.

There are few other criteria that sho the tone of your flooring colours, such as;

Style & Design – Timber Flooring Melbourne

Dark shade floorings are stronger in creating a statemeuld be considered before deciding onre and decorating.

However; lighteosing the right shade of fland easy choice of furnishing for the space and satisfies almost any taste in interior desigroperty light to medium range of colour would sell easier than darker floorboards.

Overall, chooon and if you choose lighter or medium wood flooring that offers contrast to any dark sort of furniture. Also when it comes to selling the p depends on personal taste and preferences.

Interior Structure – Timber Flooring Melbourne

If your place has natural light, choosing dark flooring will raise the temperature of the space but the lighter shades will bring more light to the room in a better sense.

For small and narrow spaces if you decide to choose dark colour flooring, consider keeping the wall and ceiling light or neutral colour to prevent the feel of small space.make sure to consider the seasonal weather for choosing the right shade of flooringIf you live in a tropical area and t

locations with winter season; selecting medium and dark floor boards will warmth the ambience and bring cosy mood to the interior.he sunlight is major part of your lifestyle the best choice is to keep your flooring light and if living in a cold high mountain

Depending on the geographical location of your home or project, .


Timber Floors 6


As been discussed previously, choosing betlling value of the property. However, you should keep in mind  consequencesch as size of the space, interior design & style, load of foot traffic and resellingch as size of the space, interior design & style, load of foot traffic and resee and maintenance, interior design presentation or possible changes in ambience of your home.