Melbourne Luxury Vinyl


Luxury Vinyls are ace isapngs are available for some s family home.

Installation of Luxury Vinyl Floorisuitable for most rooms in the house. They have the natural texture of hardwood flooring and very comfortable to walk over if your spaces such as:


Living Room: 

Since family areasd more stable temperature, Luxe the best option for wet areas such as kitchens.ury vinyls can work perfectly for such spaces.



Luxury vinyl floorings are scratch, water in the house have such a stable foot traffic an and stain resistant; therefore they ar



Same as kitchens, Bathroocan be a modern finishing touch to ms are another wet areas that laying vinyl flooring your home.



Variety of colour in Luxury Viance of the vinyl commended for room such as basements.nyl floors allowfloorings are very easy and quick in such wet rooms as laundry.



Vinyls can easily cope with various temperature changes; therefore they are res you to have a different ambience in your laundry rather than just another room too look after. The cleaning and mainten


Outdoor Living Room:

Called conservatories and evtemperature as a great choice

laces such as staircases are not recommended to have vinyl flooring, since Vinyl are not as grippy as other flooring options.

Also keep in mind if you are layien though the temperature changes frequently in such space but still Luxury Vinyl floors can resis

of flooring.


However, pt these changes in ng Luxury Vinyl Flooring owarping and let the heat deliver through but they are not able to tolerate temperatures above 27c.

underfloor heating systems; you must keep in mind even though vinyl floors are resistant to