Melbourne Skirting Boards

For the Perfect Finish Skirting

When decorating your room, it all comes down to the finishing touches. If there is a slight gap in your paintwork between where the flooring ends and the wall begins, your new space will never look perfect unless you install high quality and stylish skirting boards.

At Mr Floor, we have a broad range of skirting boards and profile options to create an overall framework for your home decorating theme with an elegant look and a seamless finish. These are tall decorative mouldings scribed, butted and fixed around the room’s perimeter to cover and tidy joins where the walls meet the flooring.

Purpose of Melbourne Skirting Boards 

There are many reasons to invest in and install skirting boards in Melbourne. Some of the top reasons are that: 

  • Skirting boards are excellent for protecting your walls from wear and tear, kick furniture and scraping 
  • They cover the joints between the wall surface and the floor, thereby covering the uneven edges of the flooring next to the wall.
  • They also serve as decorative moulding—adding detail and finish.

Extensive Range of Skirting Board Material—Make Your Pick

We offer an extensive range of different profiles of skirting boards to choose from. These include but are not limited to:

  • MR MDF (Moisture Resistant Medium Density)

    Skirting MDF

  • Finger Jointed Pine

    Skirting Finger Jointed Pine

  • Clear Pine

    Skirting Clear Pine

  • Meranti

    Skirting Meranti

  • Western Red Cedar

    Skirting Western Red Cedar

  • Oak

    Skirting board Oak

  • Kiln Dried Hardwood 

    Skirting Kiln Dried Hardwood

Shapes and Designs Skirt board 

Our combination boards and architraves are divided into different housing eras to help you select the perfect look and shape for your home. Take a look:

· Colonial

The homes were very simple during the Australian colonial period with symmetrical design, brick chimney stacks, six-panelled doors, and brickwork. Hence, if you’re looking for skirting boards inspired by colonial times, we can help.

• Victorian

The architecture of Victorian homes ranged from Georgian styles to classic facades. They featured decorative embellishments, lacework, steeply pitched roofs and curved verandas. We can provide Victorian style skirting boards to add the perfect finish to your home. 

• Federation and Edwardian

These homes were distinctive and embraced the outdoor lifestyle of Australians, boasting characteristics like asymmetrical rooflines, motifs, high ceilings, finials, brackets, decorative timber, fretwork and more. We have the expertise to produce Federation and Edwardian profile skirting boards from a variety of materials.

• Art Deco 1930’s

The Australian Art Deco style began in the 1930s. It was originated in France in 1920 with some Hollywood influence. It used characteristic colours and geometric motifs with standard components like flat roofs, steel-framed windows, geometric shapes, handrail lining balconies, etc. Our collection also features art deco style skirting boards. 

• Contemporary Style

Post-war, a new lifestyle was adopted in Australia, which was easy to see in the interior and exterior home designs. The contemporary and modern-day style homes focused on the theory of less is more with simple and elegant characteristics like open plan living, striking contract colours, clean lines, skylight, manicured gardens and large glass windows. If you’re looking for contemporary style skirting boards to complement your home, we can help.


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Skirting Boards in all Size, Colour, Material and shape in Mr Floor

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