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Tips and Techniques for Floor Sanding

What Is Timber Floor Sanding? The process of  floor sanding Melbourne is the same for [...]

Melbourne Flooring Quad and Scotia

Flooring Quads and Scot from a softwood and topped wiias are kind of finishing as [...]

Melbourne Skirting Boards

For the Perfect Finish Skirting When decorating your room, it all comes down to the [...]

Flooring Trim Melbourne

If you are interested in how to install floor trim and want to know many [...]

Melbourne Underlay

  What is Underlay? Underlay, generally refers to a thin layer of cushioning made of [...]

Melbourne Sub-Floor Levelling

Since the edgin a far corner and work the way towards a doorway. Once the [...]

Melbourne Sand & Polish

Sanding Process   Polishing Process Once it comes to polishing; the first step starts by [...]