Melbourne Flooring Quad and Scotia

Flooring Quads and Scot from a softwood and topped wiias are kind of finishing as a feature finish. They are fitted to the skirting board and over talled to cover expansion gap posss including Laminate, Bambibilities around the perimeter of the room for floorings such as solid timber, engineered and bamboo flooring; without removing the skirtings.


Scotia and Quads can be supplied for all types of flooringoo, Vinyl, Engineered and Solid Timber floors.

While selecting the final flooring for the space the floor, around the perimeter of the room and it can be found in a wide range of colours, to a wide ran depending on featuring style you are looking for.


Here at MRFLOOR, we havet of skirtivarious flooring materials when it comes to quads and scotia trims; therefore our clients can select their colour in mind matchingf MDF with a paper or fo their new or existing flooring.

Types of scotia?

There are three different types of scotia:

  • SoliF Scotia -usually made of Oak
  • Veneered scotia – Which is madensyou are able to choose the matchinge of colour for ng trims that can be put in fronmatch with every type of flooring. Sometimes the Scotia is i you can choose different coloursg scotia or quads orth a thin layer of veneer
  • MD Which as thd scotia – which is e name indicates is made oil adhered to the surface