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Engineered & Solid Timber Flooring Differences

Engineered Timber products look identical to solid Timber products; once it is laid on the [...]

Melbourne Engineered Flooring – Finishing Variation

Satin Finish Satin re much slower than oil finish floorings.       Matt Finish [...]

Melbourne Underlay

  What is Underlay? Underlay, generally refers to a thin layer of cushioning made of [...]

Melbourne Engineered Flooring – Installation Types

When it comes to installation process for Engineered flooring there are 2 ways to complete [...]

Melbourne Engineered Flooring – Durability

How long does engineered flooring will last? Underlay, generally refers to a thin layer of [...]

Melbourne Engineered Flooring Suitability-perfect timber floors

  installation with glue-down technique, walking on the new floor while installation is happening or [...]

Melbourne Sub-Floor Levelling

Since the edgin a far corner and work the way towards a doorway. Once the [...]

Melbourne Sand & Polish

Sanding Process   Polishing Process Once it comes to polishing; the first step starts by [...]

Melbourne Bamboo Flooring

What is Bamboo? Bamboo floorings are a popular alternative option to hardwood flooring because of its physical [...]

Melbourne Vinyl Flooring

What is Vinyl Flooring? Vinyl flooring planks are compble resilient and insulating, easy to install, [...]